We recruit and support leaders who strengthen nonprofits.  Our consulting and search services are focused specifically on helping organizations to shape and evolve their leadership teams, and on recruiting new executives.

Our process enables our consultants to thoroughly understand the vision, mission, internal and external operating environment, funding, finances, personalities, style and culture of each of our nonprofit clients.  We then help boards and nonprofit leaders to define and analyze the challenges they will face in the immediate future and over the next years so that they may craft a leadership strategy to meet those challenges.

Exploring options, finding answers…

Our consultants routinely assist nonprofit boards and executives to surface new perspectives and insights, identify challenges, develop a shared vision and integrate new leaders into their organizations.  Our process also provides contextual information that is important to engaging the interest of people who provide suggestions and nominations throughout the recruiting process (or who might themselves become candidates). It is designed to reveal the needs of organizations, and the strengths, competencies, stylistic attributes and weaknesses of interesting leaders.

Our process also encourages consensus within organizations and boards on the type of journey that will lead to success over the next years. As the vision for the future becomes clearer it can be tested against different leadership attributes of candidates. For their part, prospects and candidates can determine whether their ideas, passions and ambitions are in alignment with those of an organization’s board and executive leadership.

Our approach is straightforward, our work guided by experience assisting leaders from a broad array of nonprofit disciplines and sectors.  We are supported in our efforts on behalf of clients by an extraordinary network of business, public and nonprofit sector executives.  These leaders generously contribute their own ideas, networks and hard-won experience to the search for solutions.

A process tailored to your needs…

Nonprofits are complex entities, which can lead to divergent points of view on the part of critical stakeholders.  Different visions might exist that are in competition with one another in certain respects.  There can be outright disagreement on which programs and challenges take precedence when valuable resources are allocated.

Selecting one new leader to satisfy a dizzying, sometimes evolving array of expectations can be difficult or impossible in such circumstances.  And in the aftermath of a search, how do boards ensure that new leaders have the chance to integrate into organizations with strong preexisting cultures and valued staff accustomed to working in certain ways?

When nonprofit boards and key staff share a common vision, and consensus exists over what constitutes success, then recruiting new leaders with fresh ideas and deep experience can be an excellent way to strengthen organizations. But when views diverge, additional work is needed to secure successful outcomes. Our process is crafted to allow clients to address such issues before, during and after a search.

Networks are important…

Our network includes an astounding range of leaders with diverse competencies and backgrounds. We provide ongoing support to these individuals as they advance in their careers, strengthen their organizations and serve their constituents, and are always grateful for their nominations and other suggestions rendered in the course of our work.  Our clients benefit from the assembled expertise of the field.

Our network also includes individual and institutional funders; business leaders who serve, support and collaborate with nonprofits; board members who have their own extensive networks; and public sector leaders from across the political spectrum. These networks are continually updated through consistent outreach and sourcing by our consultants and through independent research.

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