Anchorage, AK

President & CEO

United Way of Anchorage seeks an experienced President & Chief Executive Officer. Please click to view the full position description or to nominate/apply.

United Way of Anchorage has been “the glue” of Anchorage for 62 years by convening and mobilizing companies, volunteers, nonprofits and community resources to achieve better outcomes than any could accomplish alone. Today’s United Way works with partners to build a strong Anchorage by mobilizing the caring power of the community to demonstrably advance education, income and health outcomes — the building blocks for a good life for all.

CEO will drive shared and measurable goals that strengthen civil society, and stimulate growth of financial, in-kind, volunteer and other donated support contributed by individuals, business, labor and philanthropic organizations. She/he will have experience working with people of different cultures and needs, and exhibit the ability unite the region’s private, public, and nonprofit sectors in support of philanthropy and programs that improve lives in Anchorage and Alaska.

We appreciate you sharing the position description with your network, and also any nominations you might have.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Mark Oppenheim or Patrick Salazar at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.