San Francisco, CA

Director of Development

m/Oppenheim Executive Search is assisting Ten Strands in the search for Director of Development. Please click to view the full position description, or to nominate/apply.

Ten Strands was founded in 2012 as an education catalyst. Efforts are supported by various kinds of contributed revenue, including pass-through funding, to engage students, teachers, parents, and community members in environmental conservation education. Ten Strands and its partners build capacity, transform school districts and systems, and ensure that teachers have access to high-quality curricula and supplemental instructional resources. The team also shapes programs that advance professional development opportunities for educators, and seeks outdoor education resources so teachers can deliver hands-on/minds-on education experiences to students inside and outside of the classroom.

The organization is supported by a staff of six located across the state, a volunteer Board and Advisory Board, and governmental and non-governmental partner organizations. The annual budget is approximately $2.5M and is expected to grow to $4-5M. The organization’s strategy is to retain a small staff and to deploy resources to partners and programs that advance California’s environmental literacy agenda. Additional information on the organization can be viewed through the Ten Strands website and annual report.

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For additional information or to apply, please contact Mark Oppenheim or Steven Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.