Denver, CO

Executive Director

Pop Culture Classroom’s seeks an experienced Executive Director.  Please click to view the full position description or to nominate/apply.

Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) was founded in 2010 by comic book, graphic arts and narrative storytelling enthusiasts of diverse professional and academic backgrounds.  The organization has eleven staff, a six-member board, and an annual operating budget of $2.5m, and provides a range of education programs to promote literacy and other associated skills.  The highlight event of each year is a 3-day conference attended by over 100,000 visitors and featuring 835 hours of education programs, 900 exhibitors, hundreds of hours of presentations and workshops.  The organization’s $2.5m budget is supported by individuals, businesses, foundations, community groups and corporate sponsors.

The Executive Director will report to the Board through its Chair, and is responsible for PCC’s overall strategy, hiring and management of staff, day-to-day operations and infrastructure, earned and contributed revenue and financial management.  Priorities will be to:

  • focus the org on advancing literacy through pop culture-based education programs and at the Denver Pop Culture Con event;
  • diversify and strengthen contributed and earned revenue; and
  • provide a solid, lean, sustainable operating infrastructure and base for delivery of in-person and online educational experiences through comics, games, film and television, and other pop culture media.

Of particular importance is strong cultivation of relationships with greater Colorado’s K-12 school partners, municipal authorities, nonprofit education entities, organizations that are part of Colorado’s creative economy, and funders both regionally and nationally.

We appreciate your sharing the position description with your network, and also any nominations you might have.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Steven Oppenheim or Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.