Bentonville, AR

Chief Executive Officer

m/Oppenheim Associates is assisting Art Bridges in the search for a Chief Executive Officer to make collections of American Art more accessible to more people in more places.  For more information please review the complete Position Description.

Conceived by Alice Walton, Art Bridges partners with museums, collectors, donors, and influencers across the art world to challenge cost structures and assumptions that keep great art in cold storage and away from public view.  The organization’s current projects remove impediments to exhibition of otherwise hidden works, resulting in new experiences of American Art delivered around the country (often away from major urban centers where many collections are located).  While this will dramatically expand in the coming years under the new CEO’s leadership, the CEO’s real task is to partner with others to systematically and sustainably alter how art, knowledge and resources are shared across the museum and art world.

Art Bridges is an operating foundation that will provide a suite of services to its partners, delivering a kind of connective tissue and sharing marketplace for great American Art and associated knowledge.  Analysis indicates that challenges to broader sharing and exhibition of works coalesce into six areas of endeavor:

  • Access to Collections
  • Access to Curatorial Excellence, Diverse Interpretive Perspectives and Education Content
  • Exhibition Project-Accounting, Management & Controls
  • Knowledge Capture, Reuse and Sharing
  • Transportation Logistics and Conservation
  • Professional Development within the Ecosystem for American Art

Sharing of resources of all types is a major theme of Art Bridges, and the intention is to create an exciting step-change in the field’s relationship with the general public.  This is captured by the goal of “… making collections of American Art more accessible to more people in more places” which comprises the key operating objective and success metric for the organization.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.