Los Angeles, CA

Conservatory Dean


m/Oppenheim is assisting the American Film Institute in the search for a Conservatory Dean steeped in the art, science and business of storytelling through moving images. For more information please review the complete Position Description.

Reporting to AFI’s President & CEO, the Dean will lead the Conservatory with the goal to educate and inspire the next generation of storytellers. The Dean will further elevate the Conservatory’s celebrated reputation and ranking, as well as ensure academic excellence, robust admissions and financial strength; recruit and retain exceptional faculty; and build upon a strong reputation for educational achievement.

The Dean will coordinate action on all policies and procedures related to these matters, and will recruit, retain, manage and cultivate a capable team of faculty and administrators who are dedicated to the educational mission of the Conservatory. The Dean will ensure that the Conservatory remains responsive to the development and maintenance of admissions, registration, records, academic progress, counseling, financial aid, and other academic and nonacademic functions. The Dean is also responsible for accreditation and for the Conservatory’s relationship with the various evaluation and rating organizations, partners and influencers.

The Conservatory operates with a shared governance model, and the Dean will ensure that this model continues to be employed in ways that encourage ambition while embracing and supporting diverse perspectives. The Dean will create a sense of community among all staff, faculty, Fellows and AFI partners.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.