We support boards and executives as they grow, strengthen and transform nonprofits.

Our consultants routinely assist nonprofit boards and executives to surface new insights, identify challenges, develop a shared vision and integrate new leaders into their organizations.

These services are a natural part of every search engagement; however, in certain instances our clients also choose to have our teams support them through a separate consulting arrangement. If pursued separately, such engagements are focused and are usually completed in 4-8 weeks.

When is consulting appropriate?

Nonprofits are complex entities, which can lead to widely divergent points of view on the part of critical stakeholders. Different visions for change might exist that are in competition with one another. Consensus on priorities or on specific actions might be difficult to achieve. There can be outright disagreement on which programs and challenges take precedence when valuable resources are allocated.

Selecting one new leader to satisfy an evolving array of expectations might be difficult or impossible under such circumstances. And in the aftermath of a search, how do boards ensure that new leaders integrate into organizations with strong preexisting cultures and valued staff accustomed to working in certain ways? Our consulting services are crafted to address such issues before, during and after the search.

We help boards and organizations set the stage for leadership transitions.